Finding the right video inspection expert to work with for your plumbing, sewer and drain issues is a
wise decision to make.
Our video inspection system can detect the cause and location of a plumbing problem and it is
important to try to rectify the situation before the problem worsens. Being able to see into a system
that is not otherwise visible is essential for success. When you need to know more about what is going
on with your plumbing, this is a very useful tool to use. Cracks, tree roots or other possible problems can
be located by using this approach
When you are having any type of backup, clog, or unknown problem in your plumbing system, you can
count on our team of service experts to help.
Whatever the circumstances are, we can offer you a video inspection of your plumbing to get to the
bottom of the issue or issues. This allows us to quickly and effectively determine what is going on, in a
non-destructive and non-invasive manner. We can then repair or replace your fixtures or pipes, if
Our plumbing, sewer and drain video inspection process involves using a camera reel and feeding the
camera through the line while the feed is recorded, as well as monitored during the event. From there,
you’ll be able to see exactly what’s causing your plumbing problems.
Stop wondering what’s going on with the pipes that run in and around your property – know for sure
with professional video inspections in Rocket Plumber what’s going on in those plumbing, sewer and
drain pipes, and be able to know what plumbing repairs are necessary. You can be for sure in it! When
you call on us for a video inspection of your residential plumbing system, you can rest easily knowing
that we do not charge for overtime. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why you may need plumbing video inspection

The tech involved would be a flexible cable that is equipped with a small camera. Within the camera is a
radio transmitter, and there is also an infrared light to illuminate the inside of the piping to make seeing
easier. As we push the camera down the drain or sewer line, we can see the internal condition of the
pipe. Other information is also provided, like visually identifying breaks, finding the blocked location of
the pipeline, and video record of the conditions and issue, if one is found.
If your home is 20 years or older, material that was used for the sewer lines weren’t as reliable as they
are today. In this case, your drains can become clogged or cracked much easier, resulting in a wide range
of problems.
Root intrusion. If you find it early you can fix it. Yet, if it’s too late you have to replace it. Investing in this
video inspection saves you money in the long run because it catches issues when they are small and
haven’t grown into major problems yet.
If your drains are blocked, a range of signs will start appearing. A sewer drain clog is a very serious
problem. When you have a sewer drain clog the water has nowhere to go and it will come back into your
home in one form or another. If this is an issue in your home, you should contact a plumber to fix it as
soon as possible.
If your arteries are congested there’s less flow. The same goes for your drain. When your drain is
clogged it can cause damage to your pipes. An experienced plumber can determine which method is
best for clearing your clogged drain.